Paid Support

My name is Jakub T. Jankiewicz (handle @jcubic). And you can pay me to help with any Open Source project I'm the author of. You can request:

You will pay $100 per hour fee.

If you want to discuss paid support just send email to:

You can also use Live Tech Helper (LTH) to get your support.

You will be able to pay using:


"I came across Jakub's website when we were trying to solve a problem with rendering of terminal outputs. I contacted him for help. He immediately responded and started helping us. He knows Javascript very well and has in-depth knowledge of implementing terminals in JavaScript. He went above and beyond and quickly put together a code that we could use for our purpose. Wherever he could not help, he pointed us in the right direction. This was a small project but a great experience dealing with Jakub from Poland! Thank you Jakub." -- Sarang Dharmapurikar (CEO, DagKnows Inc)